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All I want for Christmas is a Lego ME!

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer - @RussellPhotos

Sometimes people compliment me on my creativity, I'm flattered but the truth is I'm at the mercy of the creativity of the people that I photograph.

That was true last summer when we were visiting the cottage of a friend and their super creative seven-year old.

I was chilling when Fynn cut in on my summer reading by presenting me with a Lego me. 

The glasses, hair, smile, square-ish body with a round head! It was an incredible likeness of me!

I tried to get back to my book, but Fynn's imagination tore me from the pages of the book and into a world I was more familiar with. My career in Lego.

Lego me and real me look a lot alike, real me is less yellow.

The Lego Me hero shot!

Another difference between Lego Me and Real Me. Lego Me baths in money!

Danger, a photojournalist's best friend. We laugh at danger! But sometimes we get scared and run away from it!

Sometimes it just fun to get outside and photograph some animals!

Snowy Owl at Tundra Trek at the Toronto Zoo.

We both cover chefs.

Halchem Nur prepares traditional Uyghur noodles. She makes it daily at her Scarborough restaurant that fuses Central Asian and Chinese cuisine in Toronto. 2012.

Sometimes you have to overcome obstacles to get the job done.

Lego me has been able to cover some pretty cool winter sports like I have.

The sun sets on the last full day of competition during the Four Man Bobsled at Cesana Pariol at the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics, 2006.

Long before we heard of Wallenda crossing Niagara Falls, Fynn imagined that I would cover a tightrope walker. And just like Wallenda.......

.....this guy was teathered.

Wallenda crosses from Goat Island to Table Rock over Niagara Falls.  June 15, 2012.

Lego Me has also covered the Indy.

Race winner Ryan Hunter-Reay celebrates victory in the IZOD Honda Indy in Toronto. 2012.

We also cover crime.

We cover conflict. (disclaimer, We were at the mercy of the Prince of Persia Lego set here, please don't write letters)

We cover fender benders.

We cover daredevils.

We cover rural areas.

Owen Chalmers gets kissed by his 10 month-old Angus calf at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in 2011.

The job takes both of us to great heights!


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Really Cool

Amazing! Fynn's imagination & yours are brilliant! Good job Lego You and Real You Steve!

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