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Bitchy the Hawk takes me to new heights.

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer - @RussellPhotos


 Bitchy is a working Harris hawk.


Rob Wernaart cares for Bitchy at his home outside of Toronto. Bitchy is a working Harris hawk in Toronto whose mere presence is enough to scare away gulls at BMO Field and the Molson Ampitheatre.Wernaart, is a wildlife management specialist.


Rob Wernaart gives Bitchy's beak a caress. Bitchy is also the unofficial mascot for Toronto FC.


Bitchy sits on Rob Wernaart's glove.


Bitchy has been working at BMO field since the opening season, he added the Molson Amphitheatre this year.


Rob Wernaart, loads Bitchy into her travelling box for the drive into the city for a gig at the Molson Amphitheatre for the John Mayer concert. Her box has air holes below her sightlines so she does not get motion sick.


Rob Wernaart and Bitchy cross the bridge for a gig at the Molson Amphitheatre.


Rob Wernaart hauls a boxed Bitchy through the ceiling on the way to her perch on the roof of the Molson Amphitheatre.


Rob Wernaart hauls a boxed Bitchy to the top of the stage enroute to her perch on the roof of the Molson Amphitheatre.


Rob Wernaart walks across the stage towards her perch on the roof of the Molson Amphitheatre.


Rob Wernaart takes Bitchy out of her box on top of the roof of the Molson Amphitheatre.


Rob Wernaart pats Bitchy after placing her on her perch on the roof for the John Mayer concert. 


Gulls might fly by once or twice but never lower than the roof once they catch sight of Bitchy.


A fan that lost an entire slice of pizza to a gull was the catalyst for the Amphitheatre to hire Bitchy.


Rob Wernaart checks Bitchy on her perch before the concert starts. Bitchy doesn't have to fly to keep gulls at bay.


Birds give Bitchy a wide berth as they fly by.



Phillip Phillips performs as Bitchy keeps the gulls away.


Bitchy walks along the edge of the roof.


Rob Wernaart picks up Bitchy at twilight, by the time the sun goes down most gulls are back on Leslie Spit and Bitchy might fall prey to an owl. 






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