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Midland Storm Damage Photos

An unconfirmed tornado touched down in Midland, Ont., early Wednesday night after reports flew into Environment Canada of funnel cloud sighting and damage caused by strong winds.

Storm 001

Roof missing from this home. (Travis Mealing/MIDLAND MIRROR)

Storm 002

Debris of overturned home. (Travis Mealing/MIDLAND MIRROR)

Storm 003

Damage to Discount rental car parking lot, shingles are from nearby Honda dealership on King Street. (James Nadon Photo)

Storm 005

Damage to cars at the Honda dealership on King Street. (James Nadon Photo)

Storm 006

Debris at a strip mall parking lot on King Street. (Derek Lyons Photo)

Storm 007

Broken hydro pole on King Street. (Derek Lyons Photo)

Storm 008

Overturned truck along King street near highway 12. (James Nadon Photo)

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Has anyone checked on or reported in from Martyrs' Shrine? I hope the church is alright.

How about King Place? Is the roof and power on, for the seniors? No driving to the home, but hopefully folks can walk in.

The Shrine is okay, there are few trees down on the property, but no damage.

King Place was untouched. There were going to evacuate the seniors but deccided they were safer to stay there. They have generators going to provide power.
You can park on side street and walk in but King street is closed from Hwy 12 to Galloway.

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