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6-alarm fire in Kensington Market

Three firefighters were injured while battling a massive blaze that gutted a computer store near Bathurst and College Sts. late Sunday night. Emergency crews were called to the scene around 11:15 p.m. for a fire affecting a Canada Computers store and six apartment units at 368 College St.


A firefighter peers through an open door at the scene of the blaze. MANNY RODRIGUES PHOTO


Fire crews battle the stubburn blazed through the early hours of Monday morning. MANNY RODRIGUES PHOTO

A firefighter works the hoses along Queen Street. MANNY RODRIGUES PHOTO


Firefighters watch as one of their own ascends a ladder onto the roof of the scene. MANNY RODRIGUES PHOTO 


Firefighters attack the front of the scene. MANNY RODRIGUES PHOTO


College St. was closed between Spadina Ave. and Bathurst St. overnight. The immediate area is expected to remain closed until Monday afternoon for investigation. MANNY RODRIGUES PHOTO


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That was my favourite computer store that burned down, Canada Computers. I hope they're able to rebuild soon in the same area, what a shame, I wonder what will happen to the workers who have no job to go to now.

Not to worry, Rich... Canada Computers has many locations... the staff will be spread around.

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