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The Daily Beast - The Lion Whisperer - October 16, 2010

Toronto Star Picture Editor Wanda Goodwin shares these delightful images of Kevin Richardson a.k.a "The Lion Whisperer."  A new film opening soon in The United States about a rare white lion who escapes becoming a trophy on a wall, is a rare happy ending in a country where more than 1,000 lions are killed legally each year. Kevin Richardson, the man behind the movie, calls himself an "ambassador of lions" and hopes the film will act as one too at a time when foreign tourists are willing to pay up to $40,000 to shoot a big cat.


001 lion


Kevin Richardson, a.k.a. the Lion Whisperer lays with two of his lions on October 11, 2010, in their enclosure at the Kingdom of the White Lion park in Broederstroom, South Africa. (AP Photo/Denis Farrell)


002 lion


Kevin Richardson sprays his lions with water and citronella in their enclosure.  (AP Photo/Denis Farrell)


003 lion


Kevin Richardson wrestles playfully with a lioness.  (AP Photo/Denis Farrell)


004 lion


 Kevin Richardson shows the size of a lion's tongue.  (AP Photo/Denis Farrell)


005 lion
 Kevin Richardson snuggles a lioness to his chest.  (AP Photo/Denis Farrell)


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does no one remember the guy who felt/acted this way about grizzly bears? do you remember how that ended for him?

I bet this guy is delicious

Sure, hunters are a lot of help. Aha... That's why so many species are extinct or on their way to disappearing . Hunters, my dear friend, are beasts that kill for pleasure and status and to be able to have a stuffed head in their living room. You want to help animal overpopulation? Spay or neuter your dogs and cats... Animals should only be killed for food, if at all.

aww they look to soft and cuddly!! <3

Yes the lions might turn on him one day, but that not a definite thing. He's doing something he loves, which is more then a lot of you can say.

i would do what he does, if i die then great, everyone dies but at least i died doing what i love, it depends on how much you love those cats. some people like sky diving or rock climbing. but those guys would truly be so much more amazing and rewarding to be with, i would indulge in every second of it, it would truly be heaven, and i would be as happy as i could possibly be.

I don't know who's cuter, the lion or the handler.

Christian the Lion story is far better, everytime i see a Lion story I always think of that one first.

Most people do not know, but the hunting of animals such as the Lion by foreigners willing to pay that money actually adds to their conservation. Big game African mammals are often poached illegally, and there is nobody to stop them because the locals aren't getting any kind of incentive to intervene. Through the hunting, the locals are provided with money for being safari guides, trackers, spotters, cooks, for housing, and often they get meat as well. All of this gives the local people the incentive to protect these animals against poachers. The same thing happens in America, where a large portion of wetland conservation comes from duck hunters for example.

I hope you're single because I want you to marry me <3

how lucky he is

Is Kevin still working with his animals? I haven't heard anything about them in some time. I just hope all is well, he does wonderful work with his animals. Please let me know What's going on with him. Thank you. Karen

Its only a matter of time......unfortunately

To everyone who says killing an animal from 200yrds is easy:

Go find someone who owns and knows how to use rifles and ask them to show you how much time goes into learning how to fire at a moving target from 200yrds away.

Do I think it is fair? Nope.

Neither is taking a predator with claws on in hand to hand combat.

Great Picture from the Photos Dest
I have never seen before all these pics
Thanks For Sharing

just wow

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