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The Daily Beast - December 17, 2010




A male Rhinoceros pastures next to a bird in the savanah at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy on December 10, 2010. Two rhinos were killed by poachers at the conservancy during 2010 and two in the last two months. Conservancy officials are alarmed by a sharp increase in the poaching activity which they say is fueled by a high demand for Rhino horns in Asia and especially China. Poachers can sell the horns to the first intermediary for about 8,000 USD per kilo as the two horns of an adult Rhino weight more or less 10 kilos. Spanning 62,000 acres, Lewa is home to more than 10 percent of Kenya's black rhino population and over 14 percent of Kenya's white rhino population. AFP PHOTO / ROBERTO SCHMIDT 


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