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The Daily Beast - Newborn Sloth - February 28, 2011

Toronto Star Picture Editor Wanda Goodwin couldn't resist sharing more than one of these adorable photos of Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo's new baby sloth.  Warning cute alert!



John Kortas photo
Lincoln Park Zoo’s Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House gained a new small mammal.  A Hoffman’s two-toed sloth gave birth to a healthy infant on Feb 15, 2011.  The infant has yet to be sexed or named.


Sloth newborn 3 by John Kortas Feb. 24

John Kortas photo

This is the first offspring for the 20-year-old new mother. Hoffman’s two - toed sloth females give birth to a single young which they carry through the forest for up to five months after birth. While the females sometimes mingle in groups the males are more solitary. 


Sloth baby one week old by Julie Pratt

Julie Ann Platt photo

“Despite being an inexperienced new mother she is being very attentive and caring for her youngster,” explained Diane Mulkerin, Lincoln Park Zoo curator. “The baby is nursing, clinging well and appears healthy.”




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