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The Daily Beast - Polar Bear Dip - March 24, 2011

Toronto Star Picture Editor Wanda Goodwin shares these adorable photos of a Polar Bear cub's first swim with his mom.  Another cute alert courtesy The Daily Beast!  Come back again for more smiles.



Polar bear Malik swims with her four-month old cub for the first time in a large outdoor enclosure with a huge pond at the Aalborg zoo on March 19, 2011.



It was awaited with anticipation how long it would take for the little polar bear to throw himself into the water for the first time. Malik was fast into the water but it took a long time before the little bear ventured out into the pool.



Malik licks her four-month old cub after a swim in a large outdoor enclosure with a huge pond at Aalborg's zoo.



Polar bear Malik and her four-month old cub shake themselves dry.





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OMG, can I have one too?

The first one is SO ADORABLE!

So you cute!I want to just go and hug the little cub!

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