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The Daily Beast - June 24, 2011



Pigs with the All-Alaskan Pig Racing round the track during a race at the Alameda County Fair on June 23, 2011 in Pleasanton, California.  The Alameda County Fair is celebrating its 99th year and features rides, farm animals, carnival food, horse racing and pig races.    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


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I am disappointed in the Star for posting this picture. This is not a happy picture for me; it is another representation of how humans exploit pigs. The Star's Daily Beast could and should also show pictures of an average piglet's life on a factory farm where they are deprived of the most basic dignities: the ability to be with their mother, the ability to be outdoors freely, to have a natural diet, to live a long life, to be free of human harassment, and to be free of antibiotics or hormones. The Daily Beast should show accurate pictures of farm animals and acknowledge their suffering and torture for human ends.

How can anyone eat pork when they see how cute pigs are?

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