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The Daily Beast - Not Your Average Bear - June 2, 2011

The Slovenian Logar family has adopted a three-and-half-month-old bear cub that strolled into their yard about 30 days ago. Although the family would like to prepare a fenced enclosure for it, veterinary authorities would prefer to move it into a shelter for wild animals.

Toronto Star picture editor Wanda Goodwin highlights these adorable photos in this Daily Beast cute alert! 

REUTERS/Srdjan Zivulovic photos






Bear cub Medo plays in a cherry tree in Podvrh village, central Slovenia June 1, 2011.




Matevz Logar watches as brown bear (Ursus arctos) cub Medo climbs on a car in Podvrh village, central Slovenia June 1, 2011.




Medo plays in a cherry tree in Podvrh village, central Slovenia June 1, 2011.




Medo plays with the Logar family dog in Podvrh village, central Slovenia June 1, 2011.




Medo plays with the Logar family dog in Podvrh village, central Slovenia June 1, 2011.




 Medo plays near a tree in Podvrh village, central Slovenia June 1, 2011.




Medo is seen near the Logar family house in Podvrh village, central Slovenia June 1, 2011.




Medo plays in a garage in Podvrh village, central Slovenia June 1, 2011.




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admitedly cute but in pic 5 I swear that Bear has something going on in the back of it's mind. It's eyes are kinda eerie but that's just the way the light hit it I'm sure... I hope I'm sure.

unbearably cute!

Does the bear have any teeth yet? He looks to be all gums. Cute too. Some of these photos would sell on a T-shirt. Seriously. Thanks for sharing.

So cute what a personality this little guy has!! I love that the dog is on a chain but the bear cub is running free!!

Wait 'til he grows up.

I would like to think the bear is not plotting his prey. Look at pic 5!

Hope he doesn't eventually eat the dog....cute yes, but still a wild animal and that usually spells trouble down the line.

Gorgeous pics, and really cute...although the dog looks less them impressed with the whole situation. I think the vet's are right though..the cub will grow up, and eventually outweigh the family. When natural instincts take over, it could be very dangerous.

Very cute, nice to see something in the news that actually makes you happy :)

These photos were wonderful!!! I love the dog and the bear playing together. And such kind people who have taken the bear in until a permanent home can be found for Medo. Warmed my heart!

what, no bear hug jokes? :)

oh sure cute, BUT this is not a pet. Put it in a zoo, socialize it and get it free. it is not a toy or pet.

Cute now. Bear cubs get BIG. Wild animals should not be kept as pets.

Is it not strange that the dog is chained up, but the bear is loose??

The dog seems to be thinking "Okay...just stay calm..try not to startle the bear with any sudden moves...when these crazy people undo my chain I am so outta here."

This bear is just biding its time until it's big enough. And then... he'll have a huge dinner.

True, unbearably cute pics of the bear but the dog does not look too happy, especially chained up. I hope the Slovenian family have given some thought to the future of this bear. They don't stay cute and cuddly for long and a bear brought up in a domestic environment is not learning the skills needed to survive in the wild.

This is soooooooooooooooooo cute. Don't try and ruin these pics by saying he has "other plans", he is three and a half months old. This is just some pics of a cute bear, not a discussion on what will / should happen to him.

So cute but hate seeing the family pet on a chain =(

The whole concept of people keeping animals as "pets", deciding when they eat, and what, whether they go outside and when, who they can mate with or even if they can keep those organs, is really cruel. NO HUMAN would like to be treated that way! Zoos may actually be worse as they have little contact with their keepers there. I would only agree to him going to place to prepare for release, at least to a huge refuge!

I think they need to take the family pet off the chain and he'd be happier about playing with the cub :)

I think we all know that the beautiful cub may grow up to eat the farmhand but today he is one of the most
gorgeous cratures on earth. The poor dog does not appear to be enjoying having his ear gummed by the
cub or being restrained. It must be very em"bear"assing for him. Thanks so much for the wonderful pics!

I love this Happy stuff. Thanks:)))

Cute but a wild animal is unpredicteble

soo cute pictures. thanks a lot...........

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