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Editor's Choice - Picture of the Day - July 25, 2011

APTOPIX Kenya East Africa Famine
A unidentified child awaits treatment in a field hospital of Doctors Without Borders, MSF, in the town of Dadaab, Kenya, Monday, July 25, 2011. A U.N. agency is hosting an emergency meeting in Rome on Monday July 25, to mobilize action to fight famine in Somalia, Kenya and other drought-hit nations in East Africa, estimating that more than 11 million people need help in the drought-hit region. (AP Photo/Schalk van Zuydam)


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@dandmb50 - This is indeed very disturbing, and WE must do more to help, but in these countries security is a problem for aid workers. We must not put our workers in danger, but we need to help those there and our own needy. If we give money and goes to the people, Ièm all for it. .. Daniel .. Toronto .. http://bit.ly/DMBwp

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