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The Daily Beast - Arctic Fox Pups - July 14, 2011

Toronto Star Picture Editor Wanda Goodwin couldn't resist showcasing these two Arctic fox pups at The Aquarium of the Pacific.   Yes, another Daily Beast Cute Alert! 

Photos:  Robin Riggs



The two brothers who are just six-weeks old and can be viewed at the Aquarium’s Molina Animal Care Center. The animals were born at a facility in the mid west and have made Long Beach their new home.



This little pup has one blue and one brown eye.  Michele Sousa, Senior Mammal Expert, stated that one brown eye and one blue eye is not normal.



As of now, the little guys don’t have names yet. However, the public will have the chance in helping come up with the name for one of them. You can follow them on FaceBook  http://www.facebook.com/AquariumofthePacific for more details about naming one of the Arctic Fox pups. The other pup will be named through their development department.


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Thank you for making me smile!!

This was a great start to my day. Thanks.

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