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Editor's Choice Picture of the Day - Blue the Miracle Puppy - September 29, 2011

An eight-week old puppy's backyard misadventure landed him in emergency surgery to remove a metal pole he had swallowed.  It's still unknown how he managed to swallow the pole. The miracle pup named Blue was lucky to have quick thinking owners who rushed him to the Rehm Veterinary Clinic in Mobile Alabama where veterinarians removed the object during a 90 minute procedure.



Rehm Veterinary Clinic

Miracle pup; unbelievable xray shows the metal pole inside the puppy.




Blue is recovering well and is eating again - hopefully not garden poles!




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WTF??? How the hell does a dog swollow a pole??????

stupid dog\

Poor puppy! This must have been an ordeal for both the poor thing and the owner who must have freaked out. Glad to see he is ok. In my home I have to hide all the plastic bags as one of my kitties loves to eat them! I am explaining to him that vet bills are not in the budget :)

Pit Bull..............to be expected

And people ask me why I think dogs are morons

wow i'm glad he could still eat again! how would it swallow that pole in the first place!! :P

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