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Editor's Choice Pictures of the Day - Afghan women boxers - January 2, 2012


Female boxing is still relatively unusual in most countries, but especially in Afghanistan, where many girls and women still face a struggle to secure an education or work, and activists say violence and abuse at home is common. Many in this conservative society still consider fighting taboo for women, and the country's first team of female boxers deal with serious threats.

Photos REUTERS/Ahmad Masood



An Afghan woman boxer is reflected in a broken mirror inside a boxing club in Kabul December 26, 2011.



Afghan women practice inside a boxing club in Kabul.



Shabnam Rahimi, 19, (blue) and her sister Sadaf, 18, (pink) lift weights during a practice session in a boxing club in Kabul.



A female boxer receives training from a coach during a practice session.



An Afghan woman boxer practises inside a boxing club in Kabul.



An Afghan woman practices inside a boxing club in Kabul.



Afghan women train with a coach.



Afghan women boxers run during a practice session as boys watch from outside.



An Afghan woman punches a bag during a practice session inside a boxing club in Kabul.



An Afghan woman drinks water during a training session.



Afghan women share a light moment during a practice session inside a boxing club in Kabul December 28, 2011.



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Being a former female boxer and the Executive Director of a charity MJKO here in Toronto that uses the positive aspects of boxing to get "at risk" youth engaged, it is touching to see these images. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Many people who have only watched boxing on TV, can only see the violence but for many women boxing is one of the most empowering feelings in the world. To know that you can protect yourself, that you can push your body to the extreme, that you can look fear in the face and say, I got you! My hat goes off to these courageous ladies. Keep up bobbing and weaving!

Miranda Kamal (Jollymore)
Executive Director
MJKO (www.mjko.ca)

thats great....

Way to go gals! Keep doing what you're doing!
Savoy Howe
Head Coach and Owner
Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club

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