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Editor's Choice Picture of the Day - February 4, 2012

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AP Photo/Alberto Pellaschiar

People carefully walk on a stair leading to the Gianicolo hill overlooking Trastevere in Rome, Feb. 4, 2012, the day after a rare snowstorm hit the city. Romans bewildered by a rare snowstorm borrowed children's beach pails and trowels or used government-issued shovels to dig their cars and sidewalks out from a few inches (centimeters) of slush and snow, which kept many buses off streets and tourists locked out of the Colosseum and other monuments. The snow left the dome atop St. Peter's Basilica draped with a white fluffy mantle and blanketed ancient arches in the Roman Forum, which, along with many other outdoor monuments and ruined, were closed by authorities for fear the public would slip on icy stone paths.



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