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Editor's Choice - Pictures of the Day - May 5, 2012

The Associated Press, AP Photos/Archibald D'Mello

A sequence of photos taken by a tourist from Scotland on Saturday, April 28, shows the man's wife on the ground, hair flying, blood on her neck, with two cheetahs nearby.

The Port Elizabeth Herald reported Friday that Violet D’Mello of Aberdeen, Scotland, was attacked by cheetahs on April 28 while in a petting pen with the animals at a game reserve near Port Elizabeth in southeastern South Africa.

It says she was attacked while trying to protect young children from another group that was in the enclosure at the same time. Her husband took photos of the attack, which were published by the local newspaper and others.

One of the photos taken by Archie D’Mello shows Violet D’Mello smiling and posing with a cheetah raised by humans in the enclosure, before, as she told the Herald, “it became serious very quickly.”


One of two cheetahs in the enclosure first grabbed a young girl, leaving her with scratches and cuts that needed stitches, the Herald reported. D’Mello tried to calm the child and her brother, and ended up also being attacked. She told the BBC she had numerous bite and puncture marks, and that her scalp was “sliced open.”

The cheetahs “weren’t being vicious. You could tell they were just excited,” Violet D’Mello told the Herald.

The Herald said park staff and other visitors pulled the cats off. The D’Mellos continued their holiday in South Africa.



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Bummer! She likely then was denied the chance to enter the crocodile enclosure.

Exploited wild animal attacks silly shallow lady. Sheesh.

Very brave woman for assisting those children! It is also another example that wild animals, although raised by humans, are still wild. It is not the fault of the animals, only the owner of the zoo.

I honestly find it a bit concerning that the husband was taking pictures of his wife instead of trying to save her. The things that make you go hmmm.

No question.........husband and wife share a brain.
One possible explanation? .............husband had already picked out wife number two.

Who the hell takes pictures while their wife and child are being attacked??? What the hell is wrong with this guy? Then publish them? Seriously, that is about as low as it can go.

My question is why did the husband take pictures of his wife being attacvked, instead of helping her? yikes...we seem to be accountable to take pictures of all events now rather than acting ethically!

Modern humans are dumb creatures. They think the supernatural being and our ancestors who left these animals to live in the wild are silly.
They are called wild because you cannot precisely predict their behaviour.
I hope that she has learned her lesson never to get close to those animals ever again, because the next time she will be no more, for she already has their mark on her.


I think the alligator wading pool was temporarily closed and this was plan B

wow...brings new meaning to here kitty kitty!

What an idiot! And to add to the studidity, the husband takes pictures of the wife being attacked by the cheetahs!
An amazing couple, indeed!!!!

She is beyond stupid !!!!

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