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UN observers in Treimsa, Syria - Editor's Choice - Pictures of the Day - July 15, 2012

UN observers arrived in the Syrian village of Treimsa to investigate an attack on the village, where more than 150 people were killed this week, in the central province of Hama on July 13, 2012. A variety of weapons were used in the attack on Treimsa, with the homes of rebels and activists bearing the brunt, UN observers said. (All photos by AFP/Getty Images/D. Leal Olivas)


Residents of Treimsa gather around the vehicles of UN observers upon their arrival.


Syrians shout anti-regime slogans as UN observers arrive.


Syrian men give their witness accounts to Danish Lieutenant Colonel Peter Dahl, a United Nations observer team member.


A Syrian man gives his witness account to Danish Lieutenant Colonel Peter Dahl (L).


Syrians point to the spot where a shell fell.


A Syrian boy walks past a burnt house in Treimsa.



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