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Google goes underwater

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The world’s first tablet-operated underwater camera, the SVII, utilizes special technology to bring the experience to life, taking up to 50,000 images that will be collected through continuous high-resolution, 360-degree panoramic imagery. When stitched together, these images will allow people to choose a location along the Great Barrier Reef, dip underwater and go for a viewer-controlled virtual dive in Google Maps.

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This special collection of underwater imagery highlights areas in the Great Barrier Reef and several other underwater spots in the Philippines and Hawaii.



 SVII              © Catlin Seaview Survey


 Bait Reef: Maori Wrasse © Catlin Seaview Survey 


Manta Ray, Lady Elliot Island © Catlin Seaview Survey


Opal Reef: Christmas Tree Worms © Catlin Seaview Survey


Heron Bommie, Heron Island © Catlin Seaview Survey


Clown Fish © Catlin Seaview Survey


 Hanauma Bay, Hawaii © Catlin Seaview Survey


  Holmes Reef © Catlin Seaview Survey


Apo Island, Philippines © Catlin Seaview Survey


 Holmes Reef: Dogfaced Puffer Fish © Catlin Seaview Survey


Holmes Reef © Catlin Seaview Survey


Holmes Reef: Oceanic Octopus © Catlin Seaview Survey


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