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Marilyn Monroe Rediscovered - The lost film of Peter Mangone

Photos: The Estate of Peter Mangone and Danziger Gallery, New York

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Marilyn Monroe continues to beguile the world today.
And now a gallery in New York is showcasing some rediscovered photos of the iconic movie star shot from 1955.
The Danziger Gallery has continued with the exhibition which started Jan. 10. It runs to Feb. 9 even though the man who shot the grainy eight-millimeter footage passed away on Dec. 11.
However, Peter Mangone lived to oversee the printing of his historic pictures and the publication of the gallery’s catalogue.
Mangone was a high school student in New York who skipped his Grade 9 class in an attempt to stake out the star at the Gladstone Hotel. Monroe had just divorced Joe DiMaggio and was living at the hotel while taking classes at the Actors Studio.
On a grey, March day, the fan used his new Revere movie camera and caught the star as she emerged from the hotel and noticed the young fan.
Monroe beckoned him to follow and for the next few hours, the young fan recorded the star as walked around midtown Manhattan.
Mangone had the film developed, but he remembers cleaning out his room and throwing out the film. Then in 2002, he brother called him to tell him he had found the Monroe film while cleaning out his father’s possessions.
They had been stored in a beaten-up cardboard box, but the film was in near mint condition.
The film was 5-1/2-minutes long and shows Monroe blowing kisses at one moment and looking pensive in other moments as she walked freely on the street in her fur-trimmed black cashmere suit.




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