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Editor's Choice - Picture of the Day - February 17, 2013

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Every once in awhile a series of images comes across a photo editor's screen that must be seen. One act of terrorism can not only destroy the lives of those near the scene but also the lives of those left behind.



Naseer Ahmed/Reuters

People gather, Sunday, at the site of Saturday's bomb attack in a Shi'ite Muslim area in the Pakistani city of Quetta. A provincial official criticized Pakistani security forces after a bombing targeting the Shi'ite Hazara community killed 81 people.



Naseer Ahmed/Reuters

A boy reacts as he walks at the site of Saturday's bomb attack.



Arshad Butt/AP Photo

Local residents survey the damaged market caused by Saturday's bombing.



Naseer Ahmed/Reuters

A man prepares graves for the burial of victims of Saturday's bomb attack.



Naseer Ahmed/Reuters

People gather around coffins.



Mohsin Raza/Reuters

A Shi'ite Muslim woman cries during a protest in Lahore, Pakistan, against Saturday's bomb attack in Quetta's Shi'ite Muslim area.



Naseer Ahmed/Reuters

A man grieves for his granddaughter, who was killed in Saturday's bomb attack.



Arshad Butt/AP Photo

A Pakistani boy, whose brother was killed in Saturday's bombing, is comforted by a relative at a Mosque where the bodies are being held.



Banaras Khan/AFP/Getty Images

A Pakistani Shiite Muslim mourns the death of a relative as he gathers with the coffins of bomb attack victims.



Naseer Ahmed/Reuters

A girl cries during the funeral of victims of Saturday's bomb attack.



Arshad Butt/AP Photo

An elderly Pakistani man, reacts next to the body of his grandson Mohammed Javaid, a victim of Saturday's bombing.



Arshad Butt/AP Photo

A man and a girl look through the shattered window of a house, damaged by the bombing.



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