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Dredging up shipwreck treasure - Editor's Choice - Pictures of the Day - April 8, 2013

Treasures dating back 400 years were recently recovered from the Tortugas shipwreck, in the Straits of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. The site, called the "Tortugas" excavation, was first discovered back in 1965. The galleon Buen Jesus y Nuestra Senora del Rosario, of the Tierra Firme treasure fleet, was sailing back to Spain after collecting colonial treasures back in 1622. It was struck down by a fierce hurricane off the southwest tip of Florida, about 400 miles from the Florida Keys. Photos courtesy of Odyssey Marine Exploration, via Reuters.



Five Mexico City and Peruvian silver coins



A selection of the 27 gold bars recovered



A Spanish olive jar being recovered using the limpet suction device


Bronze astrolabes, gold bars, olive jars and Andalusian tablewares



Detail of an 'EN RADA' stamp on Tortugas wreck's gold finger bar



Archaeologists examine silver coins and a silver fork found amongst sand and shell spoil, as recovered by the ROV Merlin's SeRF (Sediment Removal and Filtration System) unit.



Half of a gold finger bar with nine stamps: five quinto tax stamps, three 21.75 karat purity stamps, and one 'EN RADA' stamp




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