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I'm a photo editor. I'm a runner. I have loved ones. And I'm haunted by an image.

The image is of Jeff Bauman in a wheelchair being whisked away from the recent bombing scene at the Boston Marathon.  An image that has been looping in my mind for days.  I have seen many gut-wrenching photos in my career, but none that has hit closer to home or has kept me up at night or has made me cry.

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

An emergency responder and volunteers, including Carlos Arredondo, in the cowboy hat, push Jeff Bauman in a wheelchair after he was injured in an explosion near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Jeff was there waiting for his girlfriend, Erin Hurley to cross the finish line, just as my partner Bernard and many friends have done for me. Some have even joined me at the last mile to "run me into the finish line."  It's so special and important to know that your support team is waiting for you.  I still can't get the image of Jeff Bauman out of my mind. I can't help but see my loved ones faces in that image.  It's beyond anyone's comprehension that such a joyous milestone could mutate into such a tragedy.  Any runner will tell you how integral spectators are along the grueling 26-mile journey we call a marathon.  Bauman no doubt was like many of the spectators I've encountered cheering us on, handing us cups of water, calling out our names, playing music, and banging drums to keep us strong.  "You're looking good! " "Looking strong Wanda!"  "Keep it going!"  "Almost there!"

Julian Edelman Twitter

Twitter  photo posted on Julian Edelman's Twitter page shows Jeff smiling and holding his thumb up when he got a visit from New England Patriots' receiver Julian Edelman and actor Bradley Cooper.

I love this photo of Jeff as it speaks to his strength and courage and resilience.  Bauman not only survived the attack, but was also able to assist the police in helping to identify the two bombing suspects.

I'm sure in the days and weeks to come we will hear more about you and your progress.

This one's for you Jeff Bauman.  I'm banging the drum, playing the music, yelling " You are looking strong Jeff!" 

A online donation site has been set up to help Jeff with his medical costs here.


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