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Move over Chris Hadfield: Twitterverse has NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg

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Are you missing all those cool pix Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was tweeting from space?  Well, miss them no longer. 

Meet NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg, @AstroKarenN who has replaced Chris Hadfield in Twitterverse, sharing pictures and video from the ISS since her arrival at the International Space Station in May.

Check out some of Nyberg's photos and be sure to scroll down for a very cool video on how to wash your hair in space.



Karen L. Nyberg ‏@AstroKarenN13 Jul
One of the coolest games in space: playing w/ water & the phenomenon of refraction. pic.twitter.com/XGuf4WF6Mz


Karen L. Nyberg ‏@AstroKarenN 30 Jul
First hint of sunrise is blue. Then red creeps in. July 30. pic.twitter.com/dRmqwJj0R


Karen L. Nyberg ‏@AstroKarenN 31 May

Celebrating 5th anniversary of launch on STS-124 Discovery to deliver the Japanese Lab to ISS. And now I work here! pic.twitter.com/gyj0Dk6fX6


Karen L. Nyberg ‏@AstroKarenN 26 Jul
Never tire of finding shapes in the clouds! These look very botanical to me. Simply perfect. July 26. pic.twitter.com/57v8LQG0Rk


Karen L. Nyberg ‏@AstroKarenN 23 Jul
Detroit, Cleveland, Toronto and a blue hint of sunrise. July 23. pic.twitter.com/zgdZNDVUqA


Karen L. Nyberg ‏@AstroKarenN 25 Jun
...dessert!! pic.twitter.com/CPdIR6Pp9o


Karen L. Nyberg ‏@AstroKarenN 25 Jul
An impressive line of storms moving through Asia July 24. The lightning was amazing! pic.twitter.com/nX7A1MjPh9


Karen L. Nyberg ‏@AstroKarenN 25 Jul
More space fun... Would take a lot of hair gel to pull off the Troll doll look on earth! pic.twitter.com/DmLGKHF8FT


VIDEO:  How to wash your hair in space




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