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Editorial board podcast for Dec. 7

Welcome to this week's podcast from the Star editorial board. Today we’re talking about two issues: fighting in hockey; and the climate talks in Durban, South Africa. Editorial page editor Andrew Phillips is joined by editorial board members Gordon Barthos and Leslie Papp.

Editorial board podcast, Dec. 7


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Re Kyoto Protocol.

Rather than comparing national green house gas emissions using the grossly over simplified national totals - as the Harper Government prefers - The Star should use, or at least include, per capita emissions (either current or historic) when making comparisons. Such numbers provide a far more objective basis for national comparisons - and we quickly find that China at 8 tonne, and India at 1 tonne, pail in comparison to Canada's 20+ tonne. Further, when we remember that the 2050 goal is get our per capita emissions down to 1-2 tonne and that is the same as Canada's expected per capita 2050 tar sands emissions - we quickly realize just how far we have to go.

The Guardian just posted an excellent graphic that helps illustrate the different ways that emissions can be compared.

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