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Fears that Mulcair would dump cherished NDP values are overblown

Here's what we're talking about today in our editorial board podcast:

NDP leadership
The editorial board feels that Thomas Mulcair is the best choice to lead the NDP. Some of his critics fear that the former Quebec Liberal would dump cherished NDP values soon after taking the helm. We don't see any evidence of this.

Liberal results in Toronto-Danforth
The Liberals pulled out all the stops for the by-election in Jack Layton's old riding, but came up well short of the NDP. This would appear to be an ominous sign for Bob Rae's party, but we should also be careful about how much we read into the result.

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When Tom Mulcair continues what Jack Layton started, everyone seems to get jealous...especially some of the dustier relics who have little to offer that is specific or concrete. Peggy Nash may be a very nice person, but when she's through beating up on the Tin Man (Paul Dewar), what has she really offered besides symbolism? The back-room boys have little to show for themselves except the twin fiascos of the "Coma-lition" and the "Great Gun-Registry Sidestep", not two of the party's greatest moments. As for Ed Broadbent, his record unfortunately speaks for itself.

When Mulcair tries to do what Layton was doing, he gets a barrage of jealous pettiness! What's wrong with progress in a party that calls itself Social Democratic? Peggy Nash may be a very nice person otherwise, but all she showed in the debates was a cloud of dusty generalizations. Apart from kicking the Tin Man (Paul Dewar) over some silly symbolism, she had nothing concrete or specific to offer.

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