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Is this the start of a serious debate on income inequality?

A recent poll commissioned by the Broadbent Institute found that a large majority of Canadians -- including the wealthy and conservatives -- support raising taxes to help reduce income inequality. While we've got some problems with the survey methodology, this could be the start of a serious discussion about how to tackle the growing income divide in this country.

Gord Barthos is joined by Leslie Papp and Carol Goar.

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Bill Maher put it beautifully. If 100 people sit down to a dinner of pizza and the first guy takes 80 slices, leaving 20 for the other 99, that is what we have today. If the 99 ask the guy with 80 if he would give up one slice, leaving him with 79 for himself and 21 to split between the other 99, he would cry SOCIALISM and CLASS WARFARE. What part of this scenario do we, the timid 99% not understand? When will we lose our chains?

"...support raising taxes to help reduce income inequality". This is not what the poll asked and not what the poll results show - this is a blatant misrepresentation of the facts. The poll asked if people would pay "slightly" higher taxes to "protect" social programs like medicare, pensions and education. The poll did not ask if people would pay more taxes to reduce income inequality. Again, people said they would pay slightly more taxes to protect these three basic, universal programs from insolvency...protect aka not expand.

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