A hundred bucks that Kate wears a green dress

Diana train
Here's a pop quiz: Which of the following is NOT a wager you can make on Irish betting website Paddy Power?

  1. Will it rain on the wedding day?
  2. Will Kate include 'obey' in her vows?
  3. What colour hat will the Queen wear?
  4. How long with Kate's train be? (hint: Diana's, photo, was 7.62 metres)

Okay, it's a trick question: They're all subects for wagering, and this is just four of 13. You can also bet on the colour of Kate's wedding dress, where they're first official residence will be, even where stag night will take place.

A common school of thought on betting holds that you should go with the long odds, because that's the only way to win any real dough without putting down large amounts of cash. So here are a few suggestions in this vein.

Dress colour

Ivory (4/6), white (9/4) and cream (3/1) are currently the safest bets on what colour Kate's dress will be. If you want to go for the real cash you might think about putting your money down on green (66/1) or brown (66/1). (I'm having a little trouble with the odds being better that Kate will wear a black dress (33/1) than brown or green.)

Honeymoon location

The best odds on where William and Kate will "spend the longest amount of time" during their honeymoon are currently Kenya (5/4), Scotland (9/2), Canada (8/1) and South Africa (8/1). Coming in at 80/1 is Benidorm. Yes, I admit that I had to look this up on a map. Anyway, it's on Spain's Mediterranean coast. You can see why Benidorm would have such long odds, especially since Prince William has reportedly been trying to learn Swahili and proposed to Kate in Kenya.

But consider this: It will be the rainy season in Kenya; Kate and William will be living right next door to Scotland; Canada is no picnic in May (with the possible exception of West Edmonton Mall's waterpark); and South Africa will just be a depressing reminder of England's performance at the World Cup. 


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