Catch a prince's eye with your own see-through dress

The see-through dress that caught the eye of Prince William, when his now fiancé strutted down the catwalk flaunting her knickers, is up for auction.
The 20-year-old Kate Middleton wore the sheer, strappy bag at a St. Andrew’s fashion show in 2002.  Until that point her and the Prince had merely been friends, but apparently the dress changed everything.

"The dress is a part of fashion history -- the moment William could first have fallen in love with Kate -- and that makes me really proud. ... The only person I'd probably give it to is her -- maybe in exchange for a wedding invitation," the piece's designer Charlotte Todd, who thankfully decided not to pursue a career in fashion, told the Daily Mail last November.

Seems that times have changed with the sheer number being auctioned off to the highest bidder on March 17.

The dress was originally designed to be a skirt.  It is not clear if Middleton or the designer decided on the last-minute torso hike.

According to rumours swirling around the fashion world, Bruce Oldfield may not be designing Kate Middleton’s wedding gown.  Why? Because he isn’t holed up in the Royal Palace.  Seems that Middleton’s dedicated wedding team has been enclosed behind the royal walls to keep the paparazzi out.  "She has people in there just doing shoes. She's got people in there doing the dresses and stuff like that. That's the rumor on the street," Dora Fung, a British editor of Chinese Vogue told New York magazine. Imprisoned fashion designers -- this can’t be a royal first.

Turns out entertainment royalty and soon-to-be actual royalty are related. Ellen DeGeneres announced on her show last Thursday that she had received a letter from the New England Genealogical Society explaining she and Middleton are 15th cousins. Is that enough for a wedding invite?

Looks like Wales isn’t the best place to celebrate the upcoming royal nuptials.  According to Wales Online, the North Wales and Gwent Police have cut funding for the traffic management of carnivals, fairs and street parties, possible spelling an end to raucous wedding street parties and the raising of commemorative cups in the street.

And just in case you wanted to subtly celebrate the occasion, Proporta is releasing a golden union jack cell phone cover (about $60) to celebrate the royal wedding. The case is made from the "the highest quality golden coloured real leather." Right.


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