Does the Queen have your fax number?

Didn’t get your invite to the royal wedding? That might be because you unplugged your fax machine — 10 years ago.
The Guardian reports the palace has sent out wedding reminders to Europe’s other regal overlords via a long-forgotten device known as fax.

Seems that annoying high-pitched wail you keep getting on your cellphone could be a corgi misdialing the king of Spain.

Adding some Posh to Middleton’s attire

Victoria Beckham won’t be designing Kate Middleton’s wedding gown, but you may soon see William’s bride-to-be sporting her designs for official engagement or post-wedding events.

"Apparently, she likes my clothes and has asked to see a selection. It will be from my current spring/summer collection," Beckham told the Telegraph.

Well, she was the posh member of the Spice Girls.

Princess in training

She may have attended at $50,000 a year public school, but that doesn’t necessarily make Middleton well groomed enough for Buckingham Palace.

Sir David Manning, one of the UK’s top diplomats, is set to mentor the prince’s future wife on everything from foreign affairs to royal protocol. Manning also served as William and Harry’s adviser in 2009.

A St. James's Palace spokesman told the Daily Mail: “Prince William's private office will organize a series of private meetings with key individuals — including senior members of the Royal Household, key advisers to Prince William and Prince Harry and representatives from some of Prince William's charities and other affiliations — for Miss Middleton to meet both before and after the marriage.”

Britons flee royal wedding

While tourists flock to London for the big day, locals have realized with Easter Weekend falling a week before the Royal Wedding and May Day coming the following Monday, the bank holiday designated for the royal wedding has blessed them with two consecutive four-day weekends.

Did someone mention a travel deal to Spain?

Throne up

For those of you already sick of the royal wedding, illustrator Lydia Leith has created a wedding day sick bag, complete with picture of William and Kate on the front. The throne up paper bags can be purchased for $6 each from her website.


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