Kate Middleton's weight hits the news

Kate Middleton’s weight is up for discussion, again, with the British press eager to anoint the bride-in-waiting as the royal waif. Kate-middleton

Writing about Middleton’s recent meeting with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall the Telegraph notes Kate’s media savvy before delving into her disappearing figure:

The one, less positive aspect to the new-look bride-to-be is her extreme thinness, and the spectre of Diana, Princess of Wales, that it raises. She has her predecessor’s rock – please God spare her the eating disorder issues. To photograph thin, one has to be very, very spare. Miss Middleton’s face is alarmingly gaunt, her hair dragging her drawn face down still further.


The Sun doesn’t beat around the bush, brandishing the headline “Royal Bride is not so weighty Katie,” before continuing:

As she left a London restaurant the sporty curves that first caught Prince William's eye seemed to have changed.

Kate's fitted taupe jacket flattered her figure but her Diane Von Furstenberg dress was a little shapeless. Her legs, previously toned but shapely, looked very thin.

The tabloids are claiming Kate has already dropped two dress sizes and after already plummeting from a UK size ten to a size four.

But this isn’t the first time Middleton’s weight has made headlines with the Daily Mail blaming her on and off again relationship with the Prince for the loss of her curvier, more athletic figure.



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