Mexican teen stages hunger strike for wedding invite

A Mexican teen is staging a hunger strike outside of the British embassy in Mexico City in an attempt to get an invitation to the royal wedding.
"Are they going to let me die just because they wouldn't give me an invitation to the royal wedding?" the 19-year-old Estibalis Chavez wrote on one of the many flyers she has posted around the gates of the embassy, reports AFP.

The braces-bearing, pigtail-wearing Chavez says she has survived on only water for the past eight days and she’s not about to give up.

"This is my only dream," says another flyer erected next to a portrait she painted of Prince William and Kate Middleton reads.

Chavez, who is camped out in a blue tent near the embassy, says her campaign was inspired by Lady Diana.

"I think she was one of the most interesting women in history, and one of the best and most beautiful," she said.

"My mother was a big fan of Lady Di too and she died when I was born, so I promised myself I would attend her son's wedding," she added.

Chavez said she had asked embassy officials for an invitation to the April 29 ceremony and had been told it was impossible, but Chavez was not deterred.

"The embassy could talk to Britain for me but they haven't," she said. "But I'm going to stay here until I can't go on."

She told AFP that an invitation could help mend the damaged relations between Britain and Mexico after a Top Gear presenter referred to Mexicans as "lazy," "feckless" and "flatulent."


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Sounds like a possible example of Darwinism in action.

I'm staging a hunger strike for a million dollars. Please oblige

there is NO LIMIT to human stupidity...........

this is the funniest news ever - it just made my day.

Baby’s cry to get milk?! Mexican authorities should not allow this.

The funnier thing would be if they give in to this girl's demand. Imagine how many more would do the same...

the Royal Couple probably don't even know she exists. What people will do for attention.

Typical example of today's 'celebrity homage'. Corporate media loves this sort of thing as the world focuses on the mentally ill and starlets and rather than on the pressing issues that affect our daily lives. This woman needs a therapist, not media coverage.

This is beyond ridiculous. I wouldn't invite her. She's obviously crazy and would probably make a scene at the wedding anyway!

Isn't a hungry strike kind of "lazy," "feckless" and "flatulent."???

if they give in to her demands, other will follow. This needs to be stopped!

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