No 3-D wedding?!

Prince Charles' press secretary delivered some devastating news last week: The Royal Wedding will not be shot in 3-D. The reason? Westminster Abbey isn't large enough for all the camera gear required. Patrick Harrison was quoted as saying:

"There are a number of reasons for this, most notably the additional camera footprint in the abbey, the relatively small (albeit growing) audience for 3D, and our desire to not be distracted away from negotiating and facilitating the optimal 2D, radio, photographic, and online coverage of the day."

No word on whether the Royal Family was in touch with James Cameron, but surely the Avatar director could have helped them out here. He got 3-D cameras down to the Titanic, for goodness sake. And those were IMAX cameras! 

And sure, Westminster Abbey has seen the coronation of British Monarchs since William the Conquerer in 1066, but couldn't they upgrade it a little to accomodate the cameras? You can see from the Google satellite image that there's lots of room for an addition. Don't tell us that Mike Holmes wouldn't be up for it. (And you know that it would all be insulated properly.)



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