Prince William to say his wedding vows in Welsh?

London’s Telegraph reports that Prince William could be saying some of his wedding vows in Welsh. "Yes, he has begun to learn some," his spokesman told the paper. "Not formally, but he can't fail to pick it up living there."
The couple’s dalliance with all things Welsh won't end there. They are expected to keep alive the tradition, started by Prince William's great-grandparents, of making the royal wedding bands out of a rare Clogau (pronounced 'clog-eye') Welsh gold.

Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, Diana and Prince Charles reportedly all had their wedding bands made from the same nugget of the gold.

The Clogau St. David's mine was closed in 1989 with small scale mining beginning again in 1992, but the owners don’t expect the supply of gold from the region to last long estimating it will be completely gone by 2016.

Hopefully for the palace’s security detail the families of the bride and groom won’t engage in the Welsh tradition, apparently still popular in a few regions, where the bride is kidnapped by her father and brother and only allowed to walk down the aisle once the groom has successfully given chase and captured her back – it would be a great spectacle for the thousands lining the route to Westminster Abbey.

Despite William’s ties to Wales not everyone in the country is excited about the upcoming royal nuptials. Balchder Cymru (Pride of Wales) has set up a five-day Escape the Wedding Camp at a campsite near Machynlleth for those wanting to forget the event is happening, reports the BBC.

"Glyndwr was crowned Prince of Wales when the first Welsh Parliament was held at Machynlleth in 1404," Balchder Cymru member Adam Phillips told the BBC.

"As far as Balchder Cymru is concerned Glyndwr was the last Prince of Wales and we do not recognize Prince Charles as the true Prince of Wales."


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