Wedding invitation has three tiers to climb

Invitations to the wedding of the year have hit the mail, but just because you’ve got an invite doesn’t mean you should feel smug quite yet. Wedding-invite

Apparently the 1,800 crown- approved reminders are divided into three tiers of guests.

The first tier consists of the 1,400 invited to the wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey.  If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations.  The royal family deems you important enough to get within binoculars reach of them, but that’s about it.

For two invites, you get into the wedding and the Queen’s evening reception.  At this point you’ve done well, the House of Windsor has decided you’re worthy of eating their food and sitting on their furniture.  You might even get a photo of yourself with a royal’s festive hat in the background.

But three invites ... with three invites you’ve really made it as one of the chosen few asked to attend Prince Charles’ party for the newly bound couple. That means food, furniture, a band and hopefully a party bag -- well done.


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