William's stag party takes shape

Prince Harry arranges stag party…stripping ensues.  No one could have expected anything less from the raucous prince. But don’t worry, William won’t be in for a tawdry last night of singledom as Harry has apparently gone classy with burlesque.
An unnamed ‘friend’ of Harry’s told the Daily Star:

Two of Harry's closest friends saw the girls perform at a private event in Kensington in October and kept in touch with them. They have since popped along to a couple of their Supper Club shows and were very impressed. It's the talk of Harry's circle.

He doesn't want to let his brother down and wants to find something suitably saucy that won't get him into trouble. And even Kate wouldn't mind these girls. Although their set is very raunchy and they take their clothes off, it is intelligent and very theatrical.

Guess there won’t be any costumes to look out for.

‘Herb of Love’

Kate Middleton will be taking a traditional good luck charm with her as she marches down the aisle of Westminster Abbey, when she adds some myrtle to her bouquet. 

Myrtle has been carried by royal brides since Queen Victoria planted a shrub of the stuff on her property on the Isle of Wight, after her marriage to Prince Albert.

The herb was hailed as sacred to Venus by the Romans and has since been used as a hedge around the world. After the event, Kate could always take the Sardinia approach and turn her sprig of love into the boozy beverage known as Mirto.

Bovines for the bride

Still trying to figure out what to get William and Kate as a wedding gift? Well, you can cross cows off the list. 

South African Airline kulula.com is planning to send the couple the “finest cows” they can get their hands on for the day of the wedding. In South Africa an onslaught of beef on your wedding day follows a traditional known as a lobola where, the man pays the family of his fiancée in cows for her hand in marriage.



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