Collector gold rush continues

Will there be no end to the commemorative knick-nacks? We've posted earlier about some of the Royal Wedding stuff you can currently buy. But if the Kate Middleton doll from the Franklin Mint isn't your thing, here are some other items you might consider.

Knit your own Royal Wedding

The Daily Mail has a story about an interesting souvenier kit.

For sale through the Ivy Press Shop, this kit includes a cast of royal characters, PLUS "[w]e’ve included suggestions for creating a selection of customized guests, too, so you can use your own creativity in putting them together."

The backdrop of Westminster Abbey is included. So put yourself into the action.

If you can knit. 

Tea towels

Nothing says English like afternoon tea (and scones), but the afternoon ritual just isn't complete without a nice (Royal) tea towel.  

From John Lewis.

Party attire

Partytime Direct has some festive attire for the big day. How about a Union Jack dress?

If that's not quite your thing, maybe the Union Jack Funky Afro Wig:

Royal Wedding thimble

The Thimble Guild describes it this way: 

So romantic, so exclusive! Prince William and his beautiful bride, deftly painted by Julie Menzies with commemorative text on the reverse.


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