Google's 3D wedding procession map

Google has released a video that uses Google Earth to show the Royal Wedding procession route in '3D':

The official Google Blog descibes it this way (and sounds rather like a travel agent -- their next business perhaps?):

With this new 3D data covering the royal procession route, you can indulge yourself in a “royals’-eye” view to see the same sights that William and Catherine will see. Upon departing Westminster Abbey, you’ll pass the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the famous ministries on Whitehall and the Prime Minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street. Traverse Horse Guards Parade, and from there, you can travel down The Mall—with 3D trees lining the route—and see Buckingham Palace standing proudly at the finish.

In other Google news, the search giant was selected to host the official Royal Wedding website. We noted in an earlier post that the site left a lot of people rather flat. We can only hope that having Google's hardware behind it suggests that the site will be used for bigger and better things.


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I think this is a really good idea. I have never been out of Canada so this was a neat way to experience what the royal family will see on the big day. Thank you so much Google!

I agree, this will be amazing and I cant wait for the big day.

Very cool, Definitely worth checking out on the day off.

I think this was a great idea. It gave me an idea of how the wedding really was going to happen.

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