Harper should go to royal wedding: Poll

The heck with the election ... Prime Minister Stephen Harper should go to the royal wedding.

That's the opinion of 59 per cent of Canadians polled by Abacus Data over the weekend. Harper and his wife Laureen sent their regrets to the royals last week on the heels of his Conservative government's defeat in the House of Commons. The April 29 wedding is just three days before Canadians go to the polls.

"Unfortunately, due to the election campaign Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen are unable to attend the royal wedding," a Harper spokesperson told AFP. "Both the Prime Minister and Mrs. Harper send their best wishes to the future newlyweds."

The decision leaves Governor General David Johnston and and his wife Sharon officially representing Canada at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

What's interesting is that 72 per cent of those identified as Conservative supporters in the poll want Harper at the wedding.

"In terms of general interest in the wedding, one-third of Canadians aged 18 to 30 were interested in the ceremony, compared with half (50%) of older Canadians (60 years old and up) who showed some interest," said a release from Abacus Data.

Bloc supporters indicated the least interest in the wedding (79 per cent).




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The decision doesn't "leave" the Governor General representing Canada. Firstly, Canada's monarch will be present, and the Governor General was going to attend the wedding, anyway. What country other than Canada was he going to represent before Harper cancelled?

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