Identity of Kate's see-through dress buyer revealed


Middleton-dress Charlotte Todd stands next to the dress she designed, and which was worn by Kate Middleton during a St Andrew's University charity fashion show. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

The identity of the buyer of Kate Middleton's see-through dress has been revealed.

Nicky Roberts of New Jersey paid 78,000 pounds (C$125,000) to own the lacy sack that cost 50 pounds (C$75) to make, reports the BBC.

Middleton wore the dress in 2002 during a fashion show at St. Andrew's University that Prince William attended, before the two started dating.

Roberts is the nephew of collector David Gainsborough-Roberts, who had no idea his relative was bidding for the dress.

So what will happen to the fabric that once barely covered Kate? Well, it's heading back to the auction block.

"We are going to put it in the British Antique Dealers Association fair next week in London at the Duke of York barracks," Gainsborough-Roberts told the BBC.

"We are going to do it to raise money for charity," he said.

"Miss Middleton is probably going to be the next Queen of England," Gainsborough-Roberts added. "Therefore it is of historical importance - probably more important than Queen Victoria's bloomers - which I have in my collection."


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This is getting ridiculous. Why isn't he in Japan helping out there? Usually the royals are off skiing somewhere when there is natural disasters. I guess more positive work gets done when they are not around. And putting them in the army flying helicopters is just wrong, someone innocent will get hurt or killed.
No, if you are going to keep your monarchy, keep it so quiet as to not insult the regular folk today who are working so hard to make ends meet and for so little money. These royals just keep getting richer and richer and do less and less. Shame really.

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