Kate has her bachelorette bash (sort of)

The future royal couple now has officially gotten their stag/hen nights out of the way.

Pippa Middleton St. James’s Palace, which handles William’s communications, confirmed on Tuesday that a party for Kate Middleton was held recently, but would only embellish by adding that it was a “private” get-together.

That comes on the heels of Monday’s revelation that Prince William had his male bonding bash over the weekend in Norfolk, outside London. It’s reported, however, that Kate’s party was actually held before William’s, and that she spent the weekend at her parents’ house in Birkshire.

Kate’s affair, according to The Telegraph, was organized by her sister/maid of honour, Pippa (right), and was a “low-key” event, whatever that means in royal-speak.

Among the guests, according to Telegraph sources, were friends from here St. Andrews University days, and Rose Astor, wife of William’s pal Hugh Van Cutsem. The report added that Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry’s former/current/sometime girlfriend, was apparently not in attendance.

It’s unclear how much drinking was actually done, but according to friends, Kate is not one to get much past the “giggly” stage after a few glasses of wine. That’s pretty much in keeping with royal protocol these days.

Kate, of course, is being especially careful to maintain a proper, “royal” demeanour in looks and in deed as wedding day approaches. So far, she has been a public relations dream for Buckingham Palace.


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