Official royal wedding china available

Diehard royalists who have already put in orders for the official royal wedding tea towel, now have some some official bone china to wipe down with it.

The Royal Collection announced that a range of dishes has been approved by the royal couple and put on sale. (Check out our photo gallery here.)

Clink your royal wedding mugs together now.

Bearing William and Kate's entwined initials in gold an silver (with the Prince William's official crown emblem and the wedding date on top) the plates, tankards and pill boxes range in price from 25-125 pounds sterling ($40-$200) plus an approximate 25 pound ($40) shipping cost to Canada.

Only 1,000 tankards will be made for the public.

"The range is decorated with a pattern of doves, white ribbons and hearts in silver, gold and grey, set against a pale-grey striped background," the press release adds.

All of the pieces are handmade in Stoke-on-Trent, covered in burnished gold (cheap gold to the rest of us) with a thin layer of 22-carat brushed on by hand at the end of production.

Right, sounds more tasteful than Guandong EnterprisesHarry and Kate mug.

Don't worry, the collectable items don't stop there. All of the pieces come in a box, wrapped in tissue paper covered in designs from the wall hangings in Clarence House, an eclectic mix of fabrics collected by the royals over the last 500 years, so you can only imagine.

For those who have whipped out their Visa cards at the news the items can be purchased at Royal Collection shops throughout London or online.

Royal Collection Trust, a registered charity, is run by Prince Charles.  The collection includes paintings, drawings and watercolours, furniture, ceramics, clocks, silver, sculpture, jewellery, books, manuscripts, prints and maps, arms and armour, fans, and textiles collected by the royals since the 1600s.


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