Police talking tough about wedding security

After a weekend of protests in London against government cutbacks, the police are making noises that they will pull out all the stops to prevent disruptions during the royal wedding. There were about 200 arrested during the weekend protests that was marked with much vandalism.

"Our policing response to a repeat of this putting security at risk would be bolder," said Metropolitan Police Commander Bob Broadhurst in a statement from Scotland Yark. "My message to those who may be thinking about it is 'Don't'."

One likely method police will be using is their stop-and-search powers to prevent anyone from anarchists to anti-monarchists from getting close to the action. You can also bet that demonstrations around Westminster Abbey will be banned.

Another potential problem for police on April 29 may be the squatters who have long been living in tents opposite Westminster Abbey at Parliament Square for more than 10 years.

One of the squatters, Stewart, told AFP: "We've been here for ten years. We had three prime ministers, two lord mayors, they keep saying we should leave."

The group, made up of both homeless people and anti-war protesters, will have a perfect view of the royal couple as they leave the Abbey, unless police step in to move them.

According to AFP: "Stewart says he won't leave 'until they bring our troops back home, not until they admit the truth behind the lies they told' about Britain's involvement in the 2003 Iraq war and the continuing operations in Afghanistan."

Westminster Council began legal proceedings earlier this year to remove the squatters because they block traffic.

Although Stewart said they will not be "swept under the carpet" for the wedding, they have offered to cover up their political banners while the royals get their business done on April 19.


Kiss me kate
Landlord Stuart Wiseman pulls a pint next to a pump clip showing the "Kiss me Kate" ale at the Swan in the Rushes pub in Loughborough, England. As well as being on tap at British publs, Castle Rock Brewery is planning on producing 70,000 bottles
during the April countdown to the wedding. (Reuters)


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