Prince Harry freezes for charity

 Harry Prince Harry tries out an immersion suit as he joins the Walking with the Wounded team for training on the island of Spitsbergen, situated between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole, on March 30, 2011. (DAVID CHESKIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Prince Harry's training sessions for his five-day trek across the North Pole, as part of a larger charity hike, have provided some amusing pictures of the chilled, bedraggled Prince being hauled out of various ice water holes in Norway while sporting his bright orange protective gear.

If that isn't enough for you, have a look at the video here.

For those still looking to introduce gambling to the royal wedding do not fear -- there's more to bet on.

William Hill is offering odds on what main course will be served at the wedding dinner (with beef topping the list at 1/2 verses pizza's 50/1), whether the couple will still be together on their tenth anniversary ('Yes' comes in at 1/20 verses 'No' at 8/1) and whether William will be jilted at the altar (100/1).

If you want to put money on a long-shot, try Sarah Ferguson for catching the wedding bouquet at odds of 20/1.

Bets are also being accepted on post wedding events. For what gender their first baby will be William Hill is offering equal odds of 10/11 for both a boy or a girl.

Prince Charles was also in the news on the baby front. No, he and Camilla aren't expecting. But, around the time of his birth 63 years ago, the Queen wrote letters to her second cousin, Lady Mary Cambridge, that are set to be auctioned off on Saturday. 

In the letters from 1948, a baby Charles is described as "very sweet."

"Philip and I are enormously proud of him. I still find it hard to believe that I really have a baby of my own!" the letter continues.

Another letter from the Queen to the same cousin, written in 1960, describes Prince Andrew:

"The baby is adorable, and is very good, and putting on weight well.

"Both the older children are completely riveted by him, and all in all, he's going to be terribly spoilt by all of us, I'm sure!" 

The letters are signed 'Lilibet,' the name the Queen uses with her close family.


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