Royal couple takes a lickin'

Ever wondered what William and Kate would look like in 3,000 stamps?

Personally, the thought had never crossed my mind, but perhaps I'm just not that creative. (Plus I don't tend to send a lot of regular letters any more.)

Anyway, artist Peter Mason has the answer. 

According to the UK's Express and Star, "The 'first class' creation is made from more than 3,000 postage stamps — each of which features the head of his subject’s grandmother."

According to the article, the 'portrait' is 3 feet by 4 feet and took two weeks to create.

Sadly, the article does not answer the most pressing question, namely what would licking 3,000 stamps do to your taste buds? And how could you possibly produce that much saliva?

Mason is well known among stamp-pop-art circles for his portraits. His subjects include Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and various members of the Royal Family, including Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and Prince Charles.


Speaking of the unusual, the wedding souvenir business continues to boom. One of the latest is a pair of teabags that feature William and Kate hanging on to the cup's edge as their lower half dangles in the hot water. Ironically, it is not British tea ... it's German black tea.  For more on souvenirs of questionable taste, see our photo gallery.

Then there's the case of Rod Cosh, vicar for Staines, about 30 kilometres west of London. The man of the cloth is also a man of the pigsty. He raises the pigs to help keep his sausage club happy (yes, there are such things apparently).

He is thinking about a special sausage made just for the royal wedding. "Something with honey would go down well and maybe venison."

Sounds like it'll be a treat. Too bad some of his pigs will miss the wedding.



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