Royal invite hits electoral snag

Stephen-Harper Stephen Harper speaks to the media in the foyer of the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada following the fall of his government in a no-confidence vote on March 25, 2011.

With an election May 2 it looks like Stephen Harper won't be making it to the royal wedding. Now that he is a "caretaker" Prime Minister, Harper's powers have been capped, ruling out the PM nibbling on marzipan clouded fruit cake with the royals.

The PMO's spokespeople have said it was  “unlikely” the Prime Minister will attend the royal wedding at the end of April. Hopefully he kept the receipt for stuffed loon or canopy spun out of maple syrup he'd picked out for the happy couple.

Russell Brand weighs in

After claiming he was going to crash the royal wedding dressed as the Queen, Comedian Russell Brand has decided to offer some sex advice to the soon to be married couple. ""Hi William and Kate, it's Russell Brand. I've got some marital advice. Spice up things in the bedroom by pretending to be French," he told Access Hollywood.

But as they are royals, they'll have to drop the act in the morning, because as Prince Philp said: "French cooking's all very well, but they can't do a decent English breakfast."

Royal stag

Prince William's stag party is set for this weekend, reports US magazine, citing the fact that it is the last weekend Harry has free before he sets off on his Arctic trek. Previous reports named the celebrations as an at-sea fete complete with jetskis and boogie boards. With Harry possibly behind the wheel of a power boat, probably best to keep away from the English shoreline this weekend.




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