Tourqued Telegraph headline of the day

We noted recently that the Telegraph had a headline promising juicy details of Prince William's drinking habits while he was at St. Andrews. (The drinking habit in question turned out to be the occasional indulgence in non-alcoholic fruit cocktails). 

The Telegraph is at it again with the following headline: "Royal wedding: Prince William is given a kissing lesson before he marries Kate Middleton".

The kissing advice? 

Always go to sleep with a kiss, even if you have had a row.

Never heard that one before. Another day, another let-down. 

Pity the BBC

Poor old BBC; it looks like they're firmly between and rock and a hard place with their Royal Wedding coverage. Republicans are outraged at what they say is fawning coverage of the big day, while monarchists say the public broadcaster is giving too much air time to republicans. According to a story in the Daily Express:

Two senior executives met with the anti-monarchy group Republic and undertook to be more sceptical of the way the Royal Family portrays itself, particularly over its finances.

 This did not go over at all well with the monarchists. According to the story:

“We’re quite outraged by that,” said James Edgecombe of the British Monarchist League. “The BBC should reflect the majority view of the population. A YouGov poll earlier this week found that only 13 per cent of the public now want to get rid of the monarchy.”

We can only assume that the republicans will be watching the BBC broadcast closely on April 29. Kate will probably look good, but she can't look TOO good.


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