William and Kate choose their wedding music

The official music for the royal wedding has been announced...and while it's the expected combination of classical and military, Britain's most watched couple couldn't be completely normal -- they've commissioned new pieces for the wedding ceremony.

Cue the commemorative CD.

For the actual ceremony, the Westminster Abbey choir and the Chapel Royal Choir will be accompanied by the London Chamber Orchestra and the Fanfare Team from the Central Band of the RAF, reports the BBC.

Christopher Warren-Green, the Music Director at the Charlotte Symphony in North Carolina, has been confirmed as the conductor for the big day.

Cliar-jones2 "This is an historic occasion and one that I know I will never forget. It truly is a
dream come true," said harpist Claire Jones in a statement. (www.clairejones.co.uk)

Later, guests at the Queen's reception will be greeted with the strums of Claire Jones, the Prince of Wales' official harpist.

Who knew Prince Charles had an official harpist?

The No Problem Orchestra, an eight-member music ensemble made up of mentally disabled musicians from Austria, will be playing the Prince's reception.

"Both Prince William and Miss Middleton have taken a great deal of interest and care in choosing the music for their service, which will include a number of well-known hymns and choral works as well as some specially commissioned pieces," a statement from St. James' Palace read.

So, James Blunt won't be performing at the royal wedding.

While promoting his album on an Italian TV show, the singer let slip he would be playing the organ while Kate walked down the aisle. Turns out his on-air proclamation was a joke (or just an ingenious way to pump up the media coverage surrounding his CD).

While it seems the big day will be dominated by traditional organ music and classical ensembles (and no Snoop Dogg), the recent uncovering of the late Queen Mother's music collection has revealed the royals have some eclectic tastes that we can only hope will be slipped in somewhere on the big day.

So, what was she listening to when she raised the current queen and had her great-grand kids over for a visit?

Ska, a yodeling Canadian and a lot of show tunes.

The Queen Mom's recently revealed personal collection of less than 100 albums also contained a selection of Winston Churchill's wartime speeches and LPs from Tony Hancock and The Goons.

While her musical favourites lacked much pop music, the Queen mom was partial to Paul Simon’s 1986 Graceland.

On the musicals front, 'Oklahoma!' and 'The King and I' were listed among her frequently-listened-to.

She also held a soft spot for a calypso band from Trinidad called The Desperadoes Steel Orchestra and fell in love with Ska music after a visit to the West Indies.

A Canadian also featured amongst her top pick with the inclusion of Wilf Carter (a.k.a. Montana Slim) a country singer who specialized in yodelling.

Unfortunately, Carter passed away in 1996 so if there are any other Canadian yodelers out there who are free on April 29th, this could be your big chance.


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