William and Kate cool things down

It's the perfect wedding gift for those hoping to introduce nightmares or an eating disorder.

Fridge British company GDHA is offering their latest GE fridge/freezer in white, silver or royal couple.

Standing at 5 foot 9 inches, the soft-focused engagement photo of William and Kate embracing plastered on the fridge door is practically life-size.

"As expected, the royal wedding has really captured the U.K.’s imagination and it was no surprise that a William and Kate commemorative fridge was a popular choice," David Garden, Commercial Director for GE at GDHA, told Get Connected Magazine.

"It certainly wipes the floor with your usual commemorative tea towels and mugs and is most definitely one of the most novel Royal Wedding products we have seen. Who knows, it may appeal to die-hard fans or maybe even Prince Charles and Camilla will order one as a wedding gift for the couple," he added.

Who wouldn't want to be stared down by the royal couple before staring at the mould leftovers filing up your vegetable drawer. As for price,

But don't blame GE for this bad taste -- completely.  Fans of the company's UK Facebook page voted for the picture of the couple.

No word yet on if any orders have been placed.


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They look so good together! A lovely couple indeed. There has been a lot of hype about their wedding and as April 29th approaches, more and more entertaining new surfaces directly or indirectly related to the royal wedding. I just saw a Royal Wedding Monogram Contest (unofficial ofcourse) on Mycroburst.com! Anyways, my best wishes to Prince Charles and Kate Middleton!

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