Bollywood star's royal wedding invite a fake

Acclaimed Bollywood dancer and choreographer Sandip Soparrkar isn't going to the royal wedding.

It's sad really, because he and his wife, actress Jesse Randhawa, were very excited about performing at the wedding reception.  They even hired a Bollywood actress to reveal their official invite to the press.

There was only one problem: the invite was a fake.

But Soparrkar didn't spin it that way.

"Sandip and Jesse were preparing for the big day. They had even got special costumes done by Manish Malhotra and were all set to give their students a sneak peak of what was in store for the royal couple on April 26. But Sandip sustained an injury on April 25 during rehearsal. He fell wrongly on his right knee after a hectic dance rehearsal," a spokesman for the pair told the TImes of India. "The fall was such that there was internal bleeding around the muscles near the knee. Knee fluid leaked out too. Doctors have advised him complete bed rest for two weeks till the swelling subsides," he continued.

Buckingham Palace denies Soparrkar and Randhawa were ever invited to the wedding.

This isn't the first time Soparrkar has been in the press for inflating (or completely concocting) the truth, reports the Times of India.

In 2008 he claimed Britney Spears visited him in India so she could learn some dance moves, even circulating a doctored picture of the two together. Britney Spears did not visit India that year.

Again in 2008 he claimed he counselled Madonna and Guy Richie on their marital problems, there's no evidence he talked to the pair.

And in 2009 Soparrkar was again in the press recalling a tango he shared with Diego Maradona when the former soccer star was in the country. The director of the company that brought Maradona to India said this was "an out-and-out lie."

So, judging on his history, while Soparrkar won't actually be at the royal wedding, he will definitely have a story to tell about the big day.


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