Canadian royal watchers are still smiling

Canadian-royal The Canadians camping near Westminster Abbey are still smiling.

For Bernadette Christie, Wednesday night was better for sleeping than previous nights. She slept well except for a skirmish with a drunken reveller. (see video below) Christie has been given free pizza, board games, and tea towels, as merchandisers see a key opportunity for product placement among the tents.

Sheree Zielke, who had no tent, told the Star on Wednesday to check back with her to see if she was "still smiling."

She was, but said that wasn't the case early Thursday morning, as it was cold - "so cold you could crack your nose off." Zielke was given an inflatable bed and umbrella.

While the Star was speaking with her, two late arrivals tried to plunk down chairs near her.

"You can't sit there," she said. "That's the cut off line."                                                                       Bernadette Christie sits near Westminster Abbey

With one more night to go, both women are pumped. Christie saw the royal wedding party come for their rehearsal Wednesday night. She expects the barricade for the tent city will be moved closer to the Abbey at 4 a.m. Friday morning, as the street in front of the church is closed off in preparation.

--Katie Daubs





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